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Brazilian Wax

Huidinstituut Reuvers Landgraaf is the first certified address in the region for Brazilian Wax, which is exclusively applied to ladies at our institute. We exclusively work with certified specialists who are professional and results-oriented. Once you’ve experienced a Brazilian wax, you won’t want anything else! Many have gone before you…

Brazilian Wax is another term for waxing all hair around the vagina, on the pubic mound, around the anus, and buttock cleft.

After a Brazilian Wax, you no longer have to worry about hairs peeking out from under your panties or thong. Additionally, waxing hardly causes problems with ingrown hairs, prevents other irritations, and doesn’t cause a burning sensation as is often the case after shaving, for example.

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The treatment applied by beauty salon Reuvers Landgraaf

A complete Brazilian Wax takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the hair type and density. The hair length required for proper waxing should be between 0.4 cm and 1.5 cm. This means letting it grow for about 1.5 to 2 weeks, depending on the hair type.

The first step in the Brazilian wax treatment is to disinfect the skin and hair to sanitize the skin and protect it from potential irritations, followed by the application of a lotion that lifts the hair, making waxing easier. Next, a powder is used to soften the skin and prepare it for the Brazilian wax treatment with special wax, so that the wax does not stick to the skin.

Text Editor After waxing, a special cleansing lotion is used to remove any wax residues, which also closes the pores. T As the final step in the Brazilian wax treatment, an Aloe Vera gel or green tea lotion is used to soothe the skin and reduce redness. At the end of the waxing treatment, you will not only have cared-for skin but also super soft skin.

Due to the highly professional manner in which the Brazilian Wax is applied at Huidinstituut Reuvers, it is much less painful than you think. We only work with the original Brazilian Wax.

The benefits of a Brazilian Wax

• Clean, smooth, and hygienic
• No hassle with razors
• Carefree on vacation for 1, 2 to 3, sometimes 4 weeks
• No burning sensation like with shaving or plucking
• Much cheaper than hair removal with IPL or laser treatment
• Reduces problems with ingrown hairs
• Applicable to all hair types and colors

A Brazilian Wax from Huidinstituut Reuvers in Landgraaf;
Professional, quick, and at a very good price.

What to watch for in the first 24 hours after a Brazilian Wax treatment

• Do not take a hot bath or shower
• Do not sunbathe or use a tanning bed
• Avoid the sauna
• Avoid chlorinated or saltwater
• Do not wear tight or non-breathable clothing
• Avoid intensive sports or training
• Do not use perfumed products on the skin such as body lotion
• Do not use products containing acids (AHAs)
• Do not scrub within 3 days after waxing as your skin may still be sensitive.

After 3 days, if you are prone to ingrown hairs, you can regularly scrub the skin gently. There is also a lotion that prevents ingrown hairs. These products are available for purchase at our institute if desired. It is not advisable to have a Brazilian wax performed around your menstrual cycle due to the increased sensitivity involved. If unavoidable, taking a paracetamol beforehand often helps. Never shave your hair between wax appointments, as this disrupts the hair removal cycle.

At Huidinstituut Reuvers in Landgraaf, hygiene comes first! All used items are used only once and immediately discarded after each treatment. We always perform the treatment with gloves, and clean towels are used for each client.

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